Music Ministry

General Purpose:

The Music Ministry provides a musical balance of worship music both in ancient and modern arrangements, simple and challenging, familiar and new. Our rehearsals build fellowship, craft worship arts, provide enhancement in vocal and instrumental skills, and teach basic musical elements.

Someone once told Erma Bombeck to, “Eat dirt!” She said that reminded her of the epitaph she wanted on her tombstone – “Big deal–I’m used to dirt.” We are what we eat. That is why Paul urged his friends, “all that is true, all that is noble, all that is just and pure, all that is lovable and attractive, whatever is excellent and admirable–fill your thoughts with these things” just as Ezekiel consumed the scroll with God’s sweet and bitter words written upon it. The church becomes what it consumes. The church gathers to feed upon Christ in song and prayer, in proclaimed word and sacrament. Healthy church music requires a balanced diet: We are what we sing. Our songs easily grow musty. Let us feel the fresh wind of the Spirit blowing through this congregation. Let us see the Spirit in our actions. Let us “sing with the Spirit and sing with the mind also.” May God’s Word rain down upon us now and evermore. Amen!

Our Groups

All choirs present a variety of musical styles and tastes throughout the year and are open to all. If you have any questions about the Music Ministry, please contact email or phone (423-239-6031, ext.110)

Musical Opportunities at Colonial Heights United Methodist Church

All choirs present a variety of musical styles and tastes throughout the year and are open to everyone. For questions about the Music Ministry, please email, or phone (423-239-6031, ext.110).

Chancel Choir (High School – Adult) Wednesdays, 5:30 PM & Sundays, 10:40 AM, Sanctuary–The choir leads the music weekly in the sanctuary for the 10:30 worship.

Women’s Ensemble (Adult Women) Mondays, 9:30 AM, Sanctuary–An ensemble of select female vocalists that lead music for various services.

Men’s Ensemble (Adult Men) Mondays, 9:00 AM, Sanctuary–An ensemble of select male vocalists who love to sing simple songs and hymns.

Sunday Night Live! Children’s Music (Preschool – Grade 5) Sundays, Room 211, 5:30 PM–This musical experience provides guidance in leadership for worship and basic musical instruction in theory, singing, Orff percussion instruments.

Miriam’s Child (Middle School – High School) Sundays, Room 211, 5:00PM–This youth ensemble sings a variety of music and brings leadership monthly to worship as well as assisting with SNL! They are named after the first female singer/composer of the Bible, Miriam, Moses’ sister.

Colonial Ringers (High School – Adult)
Wednesdays, 6:30 PM–We ring five octaves of handbells and two octaves of choirchimes and are always seeking ringers who enjoy creating music and can read basic musical notation.

Front Porch Musicians (High School – Adult) Wednesdays, 8:00 PM & Sundays, 8:00 AM, Ministry Center–The auditioned vocalists and instrumentalists lead the praise and worship music for our 9:00 AM Contemporary Worship.

Cantata Choir (High School – Adult) Wednesdays, 7:40 PM, Sanctuary–Whenever we are working on special larger works or musicals, the Chancel Choir unites with whomever would love to join us for these special endeavors.

Modular Ensembles (All ages) As needed, we create special ensembles throughout the year to lead our music during worship. Some request the formation of ensembles or lead them on their own.

Instrumental Ensembles (High School – Adult) As needed. We also provide opportunities for instrumentalists including in the past, Concert Band, various instrumental ensembles, Taizé instrumental ensembles, (special musical prayer services), chamber orchestras, bluegrass ensemble, guitar choir, and piano with solo instruments.

Woodbine (All ages) Woodbine is an ensemble of acoustic instruments and brings us back to the time that friends and relatives gathered at a home to “make music”. Woodbine is a plant that entwines around trees and other stationary objects. For us, Woodbine is music wrapped around God’s grace.