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Margaret Frazier

Welcome to Colonial Heights Youth Ministry!

We invite you to join us as we seek to welcome all youth (Grades 6-12) to embrace a holy curiosity and engage in a life of Christian fellowship-- that Paul calls “the life that really is life.” (1 Timothy 6:19)  For the most up to date information about youth activities at Colonial Heights UMC, please follow us on Instagram and Facebook @YouthCHUMC.



Hi Friends- 

Happy Summer to all of you!  I hope you are well and enjoying the wonderful weather and extra family time.  As we move into a new season, I want to update you all on what you can expect this summer in terms of youth events.  

Online Events...

    •    Join us each Sunday at 10 am for Small Group Bible Study on Zoom. Message me for log-in information. 

    •    Talent Show Thursdays: Each Thursday this summer, we'll highlight one or more of our talented youth.  Submit short videos (up to 3 minutes long) of your youth sharing their talent by text or email.  Talents can be simple, silly, or something they have been practicing for years. 

    •    We are THE CHURCH! Youth Volunteer Spotlights:  Is your youth volunteering with an organization this summer? Do you plan to volunteer as a family? Have you planned a work day in your community or for an elderly family member?  I want to hear about it and so does our church.  Our mission trip was cancelled this year, but I know our youth are still in mission throughout our community. Share a photo of your youth volunteering and a quote from them about what they did with me via email or text to be added to our IG and Facebook pages this summer.  

Looking Ahead...

The Holston Conference of the UMC (our governing body) released a set of guidelines for re-opening church buildings last week to our congregations.  These guidelines detailed what steps we must take to resume in-person worship as well as in-person small groups and included regulations/recommendations for youth ministry.  The first step in this process is developing a church plan.  Rev. Chris Brown and the Leadership Team with the help of Richard Reed, the head of CHUMC's COVID 19 Task Force, are working now to develop and submit this church plan to our district offices for approval.  They hope that when it has been approved in-person worship can resume on June 28th.  This in-person worship will look quite a bit different and will require we all work together for the safety of our most vulnerable members.  

When we resume in-person worship, we will also have a green light to resume in-person small group meetings including youth small groups.  Youth small groups will be required to follow all Conference guidelines for small groups.  These guidelines include limiting the size of our small group to 10 people total, practicing social distancing of 6+ft, wearing masks, and no fellowship meals.  Because we will continue to be required to follow our Safe Sanctuary policy, the size of youth small groups will work out to include 8 youth max and 2 adults.  Obviously I am sad as you are that these restrictions will mean we cannot meet as a whole youth group in the near future, but I am happy that we will have the opportunity to meet.  Youth group will look different, but that is okay.  

In the next few weeks, each youth will be assigned to a "Family Group" (kind of like at church camp).  Each Family Group will include 2 adult safe sanctuary trained volunteers and no more than 8 youth. In July, we'll aim to have at least 1 fun small group activity with each Family Group. I'm still working out how Family Groups will work in August when school rhythms return. I'll be consulting with our Youth Ministry Team to determine a plan that will work best for our youth. 

If you have any questions or ideas to share, please feel free to send me an email, 


Margaret Frazier
Director of Youth Ministries

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